What John Easterling (founder of the Amazon Herb Company) has done with the formulation of herbs is to create a complete system for healing and for maintaining health and well being.

A study of disease and the ailments that plague mankind indicates that almost all these problems fall primarily in the following categories:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Metabolic system malfunction
  • Stress, Nervousness and the inability to relax / rest adequately
  • Digestive disorders
  • Environmental toxification
  • Weakening or Failure of the Immune system
  • Loss of Life Energy and Old Age
  • Physical Injury and Wounds

Amazon Herb products are composed of herbs harvested in the Amazon rainforests of South America and combined specifically to deal with each of these problem areas. There is also a central foundation of five formulations (Aquazon, Fiberzon, Illumination, Sumacazon, and Shipibo Tea) for optimum health maintenance and well-being.

Another point to consider is that these herbs are not vitamin and mineral supplements. They are actually FOOD natural plants grown in the Amazon rain forest which has the most powerful concentration of life energy on the planet. Purchase of these products is helping to preserve this valuable resource and support indigenous peoples.

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