By Saniel Bonder
© Saniel Bonder 1995, 2004. All rights reserved.

Dear One, what you are, is Consciousness. Only. Nothing else, or other, or apart from Consciousness exists.

The entire psycho-physical display of manifestation, and even the essence of the individual soul, and even whatever God or Goddess may be found, intuited, or known, or lived, is only an expression, manifestation, or appearance of or within Consciousness. Consciousness is Only. Consciousness is All. And you You are absolutely and only That.

 Be That. Live as that consciousness.

Let your intuitive, feeling -identification with that Onlyness of All Being be the one true Heart, Prompt, Guide, Inspiration, and Integrity of your life. And discover the paradox: There is no separation between Consciousness and any of its manifestations.

Life is not separate from Consciousness. Spirit, the universal Current of Being, is the Energy of Consciousness. And Life is Conscious Spirit.

Presently, and always, you are only Being Conscious in the midst of whatever is appearing as your experience. And, as Consciousness, whatever appears is also, mysteriously, your own form. You are the world. You are the cosmos. You are God. And You are you.

As long as your fundamental identification with Consciousness is in doubt, it seems that what you are is somehow separate from, apart from, limited, confined, bewildered, confused, and unclear about your identity as the One and Only Consciousness, Who IS ALL Being and All Life, and Who is also, in, as, and through your own soul and psycho-physical personality, appearing in present human incarnation in your name and form.

Be the Onlyness of Conscious Life, and dare to bring the Fire of Who you are into every aspect of your phenomenal or experiential existence.

Take refuge in the Onlyness of Conscious Life. Take pride in your realization of the Onlyness of Conscious Life. And become a living transformative Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life in the midst of all phenomena.

Know that you, as Consciousness itself, as Being, as primordial, uncaused Happiness, are, yourself, the very Root, Source, Origin, and Nature of all beings and things.

This knowledge does not require uncommon psychic information, such as the display of what is called  "One Universal Mind" or "Cosmic Consciousness."

It is a tacit knowledge at the Heart of all phenomena, and it naturally coincides with your ordinary human sense of who you are, with your necessarily limited cognitive and perceptual faculties, and with your experience and sensation of being alive in the environs of your bodily experience.

You do not need great psycho-psychical knowledge or powers in order to realize and to be and to abide as this Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life, the true or total and indivisible Self of reality.

However, if you would allow this Fire to burn, you must participate with fierce creativity in the expression of your realization in the midst of your human circumstances.

Stand free in the midst of all phenomena and all relationships. Do not be dismayed or confused by any communication, any persuasion, any influence that in any way appears to thwart, oppose, resist, disturb, sabotage, undermine, or destroy your radiant expression, in your own unique ways of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life.

All communication is political. All communication, in other words, suggests some sort of status or distribution of power and influence that is presumed to exist between the communicator and the one communicated to.

You are the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life in this universe. You are subordinate to no one, no body, no guru, no God, no Goddess, no Light, no Other of any kind. No one and no thing is other than or separate from you.

If you have realized this truth, stand strong and free in the Onlyness, and, with the humility that is natural to your mortal and vulnerable psycho-physical personality, cooperate with all beings, and especially cultivate the good company, the Satsang, of those who also stand strong and free with you in that Onlyness.

Always remember that you, yourself, are in reality none other than absolute, immortal, eternal, infinite, free, unconditional, immutable, stainless, pure and unqualified Consciousness itself. As That, in that absolute dimension of Who you are, you are never attached.

You are never capable of being attached. You are never confused, never in doubt, never disturbed by anyone or anything that ever appears to happen, or to cease happening.

You are therefore the ultimately free ascetic, the absolute renunciate, perpetually untouched by the play of all phenomena appearing before you, including the play of your own individual soul and psycho-physical personality and the dance of that one's activities and relations.

Burn free. Blaze bright. Live in the incorruptible integrity of that Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life and never be dimmed or diluted in the purity of Who you are by any event, any relationship, any experience, any appearing thing or force.

As that fiery Consciousness, you are yourself the Source of all Light, all love, even the universal display of events and phenomena. Again, it is not necessary for you to have higher subtle or psychic knowledge and powers in relation to any phenomenon in order for this to be your realized truth.

Once you have become established in the Ground of Conscious Being and have sprung form into the Onlyness of Conscious Life, the Fire that you are consumes and transforms all beings, things, and worlds, forever. Be That. Exult in this Truth of Who you are.

Do not cave in to the suppressive forces that the world displays before you to test and tempt you. You are the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life, and that Fire that you are is the truly unconditional love. Be the spontaneously all-transforming friend of all beings and never permit your truth to be dimmed by those who insist that you are less than What and Who you know yourself to be.

Once you have Awakened to the truth of Who you are in and as Consciousness, the vector or direction of your investigation and expression of Being which "Being" IS this Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life becomes focused in the domains and play of life.

That is to say, when you have realized the truth of Consciousness, the Self of reality, you are established in the most completely non-separate and non-dual disposition of divinely human Identity.

Your love of Being as the essential and indivisible Consciousness is realized and enjoyed by and as you as a continuous, effortless, spontaneous, free, and incorruptible delight. That true and essential Self-love cannot be diluted, it cannot be destroyed. However, there remains a great participatory Yoga in this Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life.

This realization is but a birth, the second great birth in the evolutionary cycle of human existence, and now your divinely human life remains before you. It is no longer necessary for you to investigate Being or Consciousness in and of itself in order to ascertain Who you are.

This investigation has already proceeded to a most profound knowledge or realization of Who you are. But now you must live that knowledge, you must bring that realization to life.

And so the processes of investigation become directed into the great display of the Shakti, the divine energy and Light and all the realms of form and play that manifest as your life, your cosmos.

And this dynamic expression your willingness and capacity to express your realization of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life becomes paramount among all considerations that occupy you in the ease of your realized Happiness.

Continue to sharpen the sword of your discriminative intelligence and, thereby, to take your stand ever more firmly in your absolutely unquenchable realization of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life.

Be the Self. Abide, yourself, as the Ocean of all Being, inherently non-separate from and indeed indissolubly identical to one and all, and All. And "wave" that Oceanic Identity into the fullest and most creative possible expression in your unique personal life.

Exult in Consciousness. Thrill to Life. Flash forward more and more profoundly. Take a subordinate roll to no one and no thing, but make right, respectful, and appropriate use of all available help in your adventure of Being Who you are.

Sensitively discern the political dimensions of all communication and never permit your realized Heart to be subjugated, corralled, or diverted from its authentic investigation of the phenomena of your life or from its fullest expression, with utmost integrity, of Who you are, in every concrete and particular fashion that is appropriate for you.

Blaze. Burn. Be happy and free. If your relations resist or attack you for being Who you are, respond with compassion, sensitivity, humor and love but do not permit your Heart to be quelled by those who remain confused and angry at Being. To do this is to invite the greatest peril. To shrink from the love, investigation and expression of realized Being is to douse your own Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life.

This is indeed, potentially, to embrace hellish karmas, and potentially for lifetimes, because it is a form of spiritual suicide. To have flashed forward with the full realized knowledge of Who and What you are and then to recede, in the face of the world's inevitable resistance to your appearance, is to cement yourself in the background of Being, behind a virtual concrete wall of your own fear, doubt, and ambivalence.

Shine forth! BE! Blaze up and down, in and out, and forever explode freely in all directions! Do not permit yourself to be diverted or suppressed! Do not divert or suppress your Self! Dare to conform the entire cosmos to the truth of your realization of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life!

This is not to become deluded and inflated, as if you yourself in your personal or soul nature were the only or greatest or most important realizer of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life. Be forever free of all games of inflation or delusion, and also of dependency, co-dependency, and even independence that you may have generated while you were coming in for a landing as Who and What you are.

Discriminate freely: In the absolute dimension of Consciousness or Being, you are eternally radiant and free, you are Being itself, you are That Which and Who is Conscious of everything arising, never touched by any of it, forever inherently liberated; you are Happiness itself, immutable joy. Who can possibly disturb you, as you are?

To know yourself as this One or Only Being is not to be presumptuous, grandiose, and inflated. It is to have relaxed into the natural truth of your existence. In contrast, the assumption of separateness from or non -identification with this indivisible Reality that you are is, instead, the very height of presumptuousness, self-inflation, and delusion.

And continue to discriminate: In the relative dimension of the manifest individual soul and the psycho-physical expressions of personality, you are in relationship to all beings, and to each one. It is incumbent upon you to participate, to cooperate, to love, to give, to receive, to penetrate and to yield, to nurture and to be nurtured, to challenge and to be challenged.

Therefore, you are both Absolute and relative, free of all appearances and identical to them. What you are in and as Consciousness is inherently and eternally non-dependent upon any appearing thing or phenomenon.

What you are in and as an essential soul-force of individual being and a psycho-physical personality certainly is dependent upon others and upon the world and its all-creative, all-sustaining, and all-changing Source, Life, God or Goddess.

There are all kinds of discarnate, incarnate, and non-carnate forces, beings, and events that influence and affect you in the manifest dimensions of your soul and personality. But you yourself are precisely the great and only Source, Life God, or Goddess, because THAT is exactly What you know yourself to Be in your realization of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life.

If you are going to dare to flash forward into this very realization of Being, then you must dare, forever, here and in the context of whatever other realms or worlds appear, to conform your life and all of life to the truth of this realization.

If you love Being so profoundly that you enter into this brilliant realization of It and flash forward into non-separate Unity with each and All, then you must dare to continue to investigate the specific complexion or circumstance of Being that takes the form of your soul-nature and your psycho-physical personality, life, relationships, and environments.

And you must dare to express your Being, to live the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life, with fearless integrity in the context of this specific complexion or circumstance of Being that you find from moment to moment, from day to day, from year to year, and from lifetime to lifetime.

There are other things I will write about later, in terms of the progress of this expression when it is essentially untrammeled. It is a most profound Yoga, which I have called "the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart." It is sublime beyond description, but there are nonetheless some very specific things that can be said about it, which may be of use to you in your love, investigation, and expression of the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life.

First, however, you must be willing to keep on daring. You must! I can't find another word. I can't pretend to come up with some more diplomatic and tactful way of saying it. Keep daring, and you live. Stop daring, and you die. And the consequences of spiritual suicide in this super-activated evolutionary stage of life are grave indeed.

Are you, or are you not, Consciousness itself?

If Consciousness is What and Who you know your Self to Be, then BE that! Never let anyone talk you out of or otherwise persuade you to abandon your truth! And dare to investigate every fraction of your existence and to conform all of it to the precise dictates of that Fire in your specific and personal case.

Do not blithely accept any inherited or conditioned ideology, belief, or structure of action and relationship as necessary or inherently true. Find out what is true for you, precisely and personally. Find out what is necessary and inevitable for your fullest possible expression of the truth of Who you are, the Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life that you have realized.

And then do that. Keep finding it out again and again, and keep daring again and again, and keep expressing your truth in life, for real, no matter what the consequences in your karmic or previously created relationships and situations.

If you have deeply realized this truth of Being, then the core of what you were before has died. Separateness is now fundamentally and forever dissolved in the essential Heart of your Being. But all of the karmic dimensions of your body, mind, and soul now remain to be utterly conformed to this Heart of Who you are.

So if you do not continue to dare to make your freest possible investigation and expression of Being, you will sabotage your realized love of Being. You will concede and compromise, you will wilt into the background of Being where you have lurked for millennia, never before coming forward.

And by this Self-betrayal you will reinforce a phantom separateness that for all its substantiality will be virtually intractable. You will lay your Self to anxious rest in a tomb of Self-doubt. When will you ever again get up the nerve to dare to Be Who you are?

Therefore, take these suggestions seriously. BE WHO YOU ARE! Be strong! Be Brave! Dare! And make the integrity and radical intelligence of this very realization of Being the absolute priority of your entire life.

Cultivate above all else the integrity of this process in yourself and everyone you know who values it. Cherish it. Defend it. Do not let it be trampled and smothered by those who are yet trapped in fear and separateness.

Nurture it forever and everywhere in this human world, and let your ordinary human life and relationships all become free expressions and vehicles of just precisely this greatest priority among all human concerns.

Let us do all these things. Let us each become a supreme adept of this Yoga, so that even if everyone else in all the worlds feel away and ceased to live thus, we would only continue, always, regardless.

These are the kinds of partners I look to find in the "Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life. I welcome you to join me in the ecstasy of this Burn, now and always, and forever.

I love you and I bless you. I hold you to my Heart in inseparable love always, and at the same time I give you absolutely infinite space to BE Who YOU Are. I thrill to your freedom and I bathe in your love, and I thank you with all my Heart for daring to be your Self.


     Saniel Bonder (all rights reserved)