Gazing is a direct imparting of the awakened condition from one individual to another. Gazing activates an energetic intelligence that both nurtures and challenges the aspirant-receiver.

 What is simply radiated and transmitted is the very force of Being and Consciousness. The primary way this is communicated is through personal meetings with people in which we practice "Gazing" - simply sitting quietly with each other, looking into each other's eyes with no purpose other than to feel the reality of the Oneness of All.

Aspirants are affected by this Transmission of Being Force and Pure Consciousness in a variety of ways. Most fundamentally, they find a new energy, a new hope, liveliness stirring at the very core of their being. They begin to notice that something is shifting in them, something perhaps indefinable, yet clearly having an impact on almost every aspect of their lives. Reception of this Transmission is the key that opens the doorway to Awakening.