My Beloved Adepts, My brothers and sisters, Hear me.

I am Han. The Spirit of the great Warrior Protector,

Hanuman, moves through me, as me, for you.

And I am Apache, I am Braveheart, I am Kshatreya, and I am Samurai. I live as all the Warriors who have died for Wisdom and Truth.

Come my brothers, come my sisters - Rest in this Great Circle of Protection that I provide for you.

I stand for this Sacred Sanctuary of Mutuality - I, not just this mortal man before you, but the Great Spirit that moves through me and as me, for your sake. I will rise and fall for you.

Hear me World, Hear me Universe, Hear me dark ones. Do not come to us with bad intention or destructive words and actions.

 If you do, I will rise up in my fierceness again and again - returning you to the darkness from which you came.

Only come to us for Truth, come to us for Wisdom, come to us for your own Awakening.

Otherwise, Beware ! My brothers and sisters are held and protected by me.

Let us Be, to Grow, to Love, and to Change the World.


(Invocation of Protection / Ma Tam Temple of Being / 7/4/98)