Personal counseling leads one into an investigation of his or her present way of life, and helps a person consider whether they really have a genuine interest in the process of awakening.

Mentoring starts when a spiritual aspirant positively affirms their real willingness to  "Dare to grasp the means to their OWN Realization".

Once a person commits to do so, the Universe itself seemingly conspires to provide the conditions whereby individuals awaken into what can be called the "second birth". Such a commitment is surprisingly effective at initiating an individually unique process that produces this awakening. In "second birth"  each one Realizes himself or herself to be simultaneously a finite, vulnerable, mortal being, and infinite, unchanging Consciousness itself.

The  spiritual process is almost never linear. Usually the ups and downs encountered along the way can be surprising and disorienting. But here, there are no gurus to tell you what to do. There are however, spiritual friends who can be immensely useful in guiding you along your own unique way as it unfolds for you.

This awakening that occurs is both ordinary and most profound. Subsequent to this, one begins to live life from an entirely different frame of reference. And conditions are created by Divine Grace for a further and most profound healing of the Heart and a growing capacity to love and serve others.

Each aspirant comes to recognize three primary PRINCIPLES, which become embodied in one's fundamental divinely human nature as their process enfolds.

The work of WAKING UP takes us into direct investigation and realization of the mysteries of embodied consciousness in life. The heart of most authentic paths of awakening is the very investigation and realization of Consciousness. The conscious principle at the root and core of our existence must be permitted to become self-aware, and then made the basis of all life and action.

As receptivity to Being-transmission is enhanced through repetition and practice, one begins to notice an increasingly self-sustaining intuition of one's own conscious nature. Our process facilitates this exploration of consciousness in accessible and effective ways. Aspirants are helped to clarify their own consciousness, and to cultivate discriminative intelligence as the extension of consciousness into all the challenges and choices of their daily lives

In WAKING DOWN, one incarnates that consciousness while continuing to explore and take responsibility for shadow patterns and previously hidden broken zones in the psyche. Along with the awakening of consciousness, this process naturally stimulates a greater embodiment of oneself as an ordinary but unique human being.

Aspirants literally gravitate down into being themselves as they are completely and realizing more of their true and total Selves as they go along. The expression "self-acceptance" does not do justice to what occurs here.

Rather, the term "greenlighting" seems more appropriate. If you get the recognition and permission you really need, you begin to give yourself a "green light" to be all of who you are yourself. This includes your shadow fears, reactivity and self-negation, along with all your desires, virtues, strengths and brightness.

Much of the catalytic magic of your process will come through encounters with the dark, difficult places in yourself and in others. Aspirants allow themselves to relax into these primitive places of wounding, betrayal, fear, and distress.

By becoming conscious in such places, we liberate energy and attention for an increasingly integrated and awakened life. In order to Wake Up, one must also Wake Down, and the reverse is true as well.

In MUTUALITY, one goes beyond self-orientation into exposure and vulnerability with others and their own realities. This eventually leads to ecstatic mutual recognition of one another as beings of Freedom and Love. In mutuality, one does not try to accomplish these passages in isolation.

Learning to be vulnerable and communicative with others while going through change delivers both an alchemical balance and a calming to those transitions that might otherwise be more difficult and chaotic. Mutuality in this path is being as true as you can be to your own total Self while co-operating with others who are doing the same.

One of the keys to this process is that no one gets "off the hook". The aspirant and the mentor are both committed to being accountable, accessible, and communicative with each other at all times.

The  "sanctuary of mutuality" that is created becomes immensely useful to anyone who chooses to participate. How this actually works in practice is often humbling and sobering, but it is also empowering beyond anyone's expectations.

Each individual must PERSIST AND ENDURE their own unique choices and passages until Being itself reveals the next  movement he or she must dare to make the next great impulse to be followed beyond limitation

Contact me, if you are interested in such counseling first, and mentoring to follow if you choose