NETWORK: An interconnected group of people spread out over a large area, united by a common purpose.

MARKETING: Promoting, sharing, making a product known, purchased, used and enjoyed by people.

Network Marketing is a most logical and practical way to do business. It is people sharing great products and income opportunity with other people through "word-of-mouth" advertising, and being paid well for doing it. All of us tell our friends about great movies, interesting books, restaurants we enjoy, or products we believe in, right? Now, imagine getting paid each time we did that!

Most quality network marketing companies provide us with unique products that require a one-on-one explanation like the Amazon Herbs. This is a sponsoring and teaching business. Networkers educate their customers who in turn educate their customer who in turn educate their customers, etc.

Network Marketing is NOT a way to "make money off of friends". It is a way for us all to buy the products directly from the manufacturer, thus cutting the middleman and advertising costs. The only people between you and the company are the people who care enough to share the products with you. They are people who believe in the products and are committed to sharing them and the business opportunity with others in order to create a better standard of living for all.

Network Marketing offers you the opportunity to achieve real freedom. Freedom to make choices, freedom to spend more time with your family, freedom to work for yourself, improve your lifestyle, create financial security, and help your friends and others to do the same.