A Story and Sacred Ceremony

In a time long past, one fateful day before the birth of Christ, a warrior climbed the towering pyramid of the Sun God, Qeutzacoatl. In those days this fierce deity of the South Lands demanded great human sacrifice from those who worshiped Him for sustenance and protection.

The warrior was not alone. With him was his beloved consort of many years.

She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and blue eyes, a temple dancer and priestess of the Moon Goddess, Quoyalchaqea, whose sacred pyramid loomed

to the North at the end of the Avenue of the Dead. Their tantric relationship of great intensity and power had apparently come to an end. She had invoked this moment. Now she stood with him to bear witness to what he was about to do - a great ceremony of completion – the parting of the way.

At the top of this pyramid he paused to breathe deeply, turning slowly to gaze in  the four directions. Looking north towards the pyramid of the Moon, he felt a strong presence. Quoyalchaqea was aware of what was happening. He had been to this place many times to witness the death of brave warriors who gave their lives willingly as human sacrifice. He had watched as priests plunged

sacred daggers into their chests, removing their hearts, then holding them up for the gods and all present to witness the brutal and ultimate sacrifice of love so that others could live. This time it was different. It was he who was about to die.

The turned to face each other, he to the north, she to the south. They kneeled.

Between them lay a sacred object wrapped in cloth. Nothing else. He looked at her lovingly, feeling his pain and sadness and loss. He had tried to hold her in the ways that she needed, but he could not. His own limitations and Being force did not allow him to do as he wished he could. And now she was gone to him as his great initiatress and tantric lover. In a sense it was a death. She to him and now he to her in what he was about to do.

He spoke to the gods: "In this place of deep sorrow and pain, I invoke the Sun God (QUETZACOATL) and the Moon Goddess (QUOYALCHAQEA) to help me do what must be done."

He opened the cloth slowly –grasping the great power object in his right hand.

He raised it to face her. She had never seen it before. An image of the Sun God holding the Serpent of Past Actions gazed fiercely at her with jeweled eyes. The deity rested on an obsidian sacrificial dagger. Above the figure, a massive war axe loomed, warning all those who would threaten the people this God protected.

Between the warrior and the priestess there flowed a strong and visible thread of light, a sacred cord that still bound them emotionally and psychically to each other, despite the intention to part. He swung the axe once between them. She felt the cord sever and the light go out. It was painful for them both, but it had to be.

Then suddenly, he raised the blade above him and plunged it into his chest, making a swift circular cut. Tearing out his own heart, he held it up to the sun momentarily, before his body collapsed in death. She could not believe what had just occurred. She held his body to her, and cried.

Within moments, the priestess felt a most powerful and familiar presence. It was the Moon Goddess, who she served and worshipped. Appearing magnificently before the mortal woman, the Goddess gazed intensely at her. She said, "He has made the great sacrifice, and now he is mine. I will give him life again. He will rest in his aloneness for a while, and when his pain ceases and his heart heals, I will give to him another goddess woman form to love - one who will hold him for all that he must be." She took his bleeding heart in hand and placed it on the warrior's chest.  A flash of brilliant green light surrounded his body for a moment. He was whole again and soon revived, more vulnerable at heart than he had ever been before. The goddess disappeared.

The warrior rose and spoke softly to the priestess, "Our time together as lovers is over. I am closing the door of my heart to you now, in that way. When I am strong again, I will love and honor you always as a friend, but I must heal before I am fully capable of that."  He rose, and walked slowly down the steps of the great pyramid. She watched him for some time as he descended, and then walked towards the Pyramid of the Moon along the Avenue of the Dead.

Then she felt another Great Presence, and turned to see the Sun God fiercely radiant before her. She felt great fear and fell at his feet, expecting to be destroyed. Instead the God spoke to her, saying, "It is not your time to die, my child. You have found another man to love. You must serve him, and he you.

And you must allow love this time to transform each of you beyond all limitation. If not, this ceremony you just witnessed will be repeated again and again until you do. Now go! What was needed to be done here is complete."  He vanished.

The priestess remained there alone for some time feeling her own pain and loss, and her great love for the warrior who had gone. She thought of her new consort and wondered if he was the one. She would know in time.

AND SO THE STORY ENDS. What was true then is true now. The real tantra may require greatness from those who dare - in coming together, sustaining for a time or forever, and when necessary, ending as sacredly as beginning.