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"The Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life" and "The Aikido of Consciousness"

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Author's Note: The following essay, "The Fire of the Onlyness of Conscious Life," was the first expression of my teaching that I wrote in the spring of 1995. Over the years since, I have come to voice the paradox of conscious embodiment more from the perspective of the body than that of consciousness. For this reason, if I were writing this essay today, it would have a different tone. Nevertheless, a lot of people have benefited from this impassioned call to each "you" to dare to come forth in the fullness of your Awakening, and in your own expression of the genius of awakened Being.

There is, however, a progressive deepening of the wedding of Consciousness and Matter in the embodied condition of awakening. Those who are sensitive to it and are curious about my own evolution will find evidence of this in how my teaching has evolved over the years.

Even so, in the 21st century it's not any one teacher or realizer's evolution that counts for you, but yours, and ours together. My friend Bob Bishop was able to clarify his own realization of these matters with the help of a number of my friends and me in the late 1990's. And I am very happy that he's making himself available in his own unique way to help others do the same. When he asked my permission to post this particular essay and the one following, "The Aikido of Consciousness," I happily agreed, athough they are not reflective in the fine print of where my work has grown to in the intervening years. Still, they are profound and useful statements. And for those seeking the clarification of your own Conscious Nature to the degree of unconditional, effortless, direct realization, I hope these writings will be of help.

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