During most of my adult years, I have been involved in spiritual practice. This has not just been a "hobby" for me. It has been the driving force of my life.

For more than 20 years, I lived and practiced in the spiritual community of an awakened teacher who taught the ancient traditional way of devotion and service to the God Man (Enlightened Master). I found that my years in his company gave me discrimination, some spiritual maturity, and the capacity for self-discipline. But ultimately I needed something more to grow further and to awaken myself.

Through divine grace, I found what I needed in a unique spiritual process initiated by my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Saniel Bonder. (Much of what follows are an adaptation of his writings and that of others).

I will now affectionately refer to this as "Our Process".


In our process, spiritual aspirants are each asked if they will "Dare to grasp the means to their OWN Realization". And once a person really commits to do so, the Universe itself seemingly conspires to provide the conditions whereby individuals can awaken into what we call "The Second Birth". Our process is surprisingly effective at producing this awakening, in which each one Realizes himself or herself to be simultaneously a finite, vulnerable, mortal being, and infinite, unchanging Consciousness itself. This awakening is both ordinary and most profound. Subsequent to this, one begins to live life from an entirely different frame of reference. And conditions are created by Divine Grace for a further and most profound healing of the Heart and a growing capacity to love and serve others. In our process, there are no gurus to tell you what to do. Only spiritual friends and mentors who will help to guide you in your own unique Way as it unfolds for you.


The first question one may ask is "who is this process for?" There are really no special attributes that guarantee an individual's readiness for such a profound transformation. At least none that stand out as credentials of experience or necessary styles of living or behaving.

So "Who does this process work for? To whom does it speak?" It speaks to those who are "hungry" for such transformation; To those who have tried much, and even if succeeding to some degree, still feel somehow empty; To those who have aspired with all their hearts, and are beginning to despair of ever awakening themselves; And to those who have aspired so often and conclusively that they suspect that nothing will ever really satisfy their primal seeking. Some may not even know what it is they are seeking for. Can you identify with any of this? If so, you know who you are, or at least you may suspect it.

On the other hand, our process does not seem to work well for, or even speak clearly to, anyone, who is ardently pre-occupied with some other enterprise, whether it is spiritual or secular.

For simplicity's sake, I will now describe our process with summary discussions of gateways and key phrases. On this basis, you may begin to understand the profound spiritual dynamics involved.


The first Gateway into this process involves three forms of simultaneous UNDERSTANDING (in consciousness) and whole bodily RELAXATION. Through understanding the dissociative overly masculine worldviews, lifestyles, and forms of seeking that now characterize almost all human culture and society, we can RELAX out of them. That relaxation takes one through THE ROT, a whole being "dark night of the soul" and a loss of fundamental enthusiasm for seeking. One drops into the CORE WOUND which is the separateness and confusion that has always motivated human seeking, but which is now helplessly experienced, with no capacity for escape.

A liberating passage through Understanding and Relaxation comes through the Gifts of the following GATEWAYS. These begin with ADAPTIONS that each person makes in EXCHANGE with important others, especially mentor -teachers. Internalizing a new Self-realizing sensibility requires a mutual process of LISTENING or we are only hearing what we already know. Listening - in turn requires a process of TRANSMISSION that allows fullest reception of Consciousness and Being. These two Adaptations lead to INITIATIONS, which include forms of Self-Realization, and beyond, in which each individual comes alive and awake in new sustainable ways. Issues of Trust are critical to these exchanges, and central to this Process.

There are also three primary PRINCIPLES, which become embodied in our fundamental divinely human nature as the process enfolds. The work of WAKING UP takes us into direct investigation and realization of the mysteries of embodied consciousness in life. In WAKING DOWN, one incarnates that consciousness while continuing to explore and take responsibility for shadow patterns and previously hidden broken zones in the psyche. In MUTUALITY, one goes beyond self-orientation into exposure and vulnerability with others and their own realities. This eventually leads to ecstatic mutual recognition of one another as beings of Freedom and Love.

This process includes Gateways that we pass through again and again, with increasingly greater and greater originality and courage, throughout our lives. These Movements or Impulses begin with DARING to grasp the means to our own realization finding, choosing, living and speaking the truth of one's own unique way. In RECOGNIZING, we "greenlight" or give ourselves room to pass through and integrate all the different and unique experiences of our day-to-day existence with discernment and discrimination.

And we must each PERSIST AND ENDURE the choices and passages that we alone can and must go through until Being itself reveals the next 

movement we must dare to make the great impulse we must follow to grow beyond limitation.

It is useful to elaborate further on some of the key phrases briefly mentioned above.

TRANSMISSION Our process moves through a direct imparting of the awakened condition from one individual to another. This activates an energetic intelligence that both nurtures and challenges the aspirant-receiver.

We call what we thus radiate and transmit, simply "Being Force". The primary way we communicate this is through personal meetings with people in which we practice "Gazing" - simply sitting quietly with each other, looking into each other's eyes with no purpose other than to feel the reality of the Oneness of All.

Aspirants are affected by this Transmission of Being Force and Pure Consciousness in a variety of ways. Most fundamentally, they find a new energy, a new hope, liveliness stirring at the very core of their being. They begin to notice that something is shifting in them, something perhaps indefinable, yet clearly having an impact on almost every aspect of their lives. Reception of this Transmission is the key that opens the doorway to Awakening.

 WAKING UP The heart of most authentic paths of awakening is the investigation and realization of Consciousness. This certainly is true in our process. The conscious principle at the root and core of our existence must be permitted to become self-aware, and then made the basis of all life and action.

As receptivity to Being-transmission is enhanced through repetition and practice, one begins to notice an increasingly self-sustaining intuition of one's own conscious nature. Our process facilitates this exploration of consciousness in accessible and effective ways. Aspirants are helped to clarify their own consciousness, and to cultivate discriminative intelligence as the extension of consciousness into all the challenges and choices of their daily lives.

WAKING DOWN Along with the awakening of consciousness, this process naturally stimulates a greater embodiment of oneself as an ordinary but unique human being. Aspirants literally gravitate down into being themselves as they are completely and realizing more of their true and total Selves as they go along. The expression "self-acceptance" does not do justice to what occurs here. Rather, we like the term "greenlighting". If you get the recognition and permission you really need, you begin to give yourself a green light to be all of who you are yourself. This includes your shadow fears, reactivity and self-negation, along with all your desires, virtues, strengths and brightness.

Much of the catalytic magic of this process comes through encounters with the dark, difficult places in us and in others. Aspirants allow themselves to relax into these primitive places of wounding, betrayal, fear, and distress. By becoming conscious in such places, we liberate energy and attention for an increasingly integrated and awakened life. In order to Wake Up, one must also Wake Down, and the reverse is true as well.

MUTUALITY In our process, we do not try to accomplish these passages in isolation. Learning to be vulnerable and communicative with others while going through change delivers both an alchemical balance and a calming to those transitions that might otherwise be more difficult and chaotic. Mutuality in this path is being as true as you can be to your own total Self while co-operating with others who are doing the same.

One of the keys to this process is that no one gets "off the hook". Each aspirant or mentor who participates is committed to being accountable, accessible, and communicative in mutuality with all other aspirants and mentors alike. How this actually works in practice is often humbling and sobering, but it is also empowering beyond anyone's expectations.


Over time, because this process does answer primal needs of so many people, we anticipate that many thriving communities and eventually, a great international culture of divinely human men and women will appear. The arts and sciences developed by such people will most likely contribute to a democratic planetary renaissance on Earth.

Human life can be enormously improved upon, and Divinely human awakeness liberates the genius of Being in every body to contribute immensely to such advances. But the ultimate end of all this is not some paradise or utopia on earth. This work does not merely stimulate evolutionary shifts in human beings. It prompts such shifts in all of life, and even in all cosmic phenomena.

The sacred consummation of this awakening in each of us produces an ecstatic intuition of the ultimate transformation of all-existing beings and things. In truth, we are in no position to know that this is absolutely so. But what we do know is that this path first liberates one INTO life, not merely out of it. Each of us then becomes an awakened servant of the ultimate wellness and liberation of everyone and everything, not merely our own personal selves.


To those who are interested in such a process, we say Live your life wisely, and take good care of yourself. Relax, and find your way into this process at

your own pace.

You alone can make this Way work for you, in your own circumstances. The best we can do is to ride along with you the reins will always be in your hands-----------------------------