A Love Story

The warrior walked slowly up the hillside. It was unusual for him to move in this manner, as his stride was always brisk and centered. At his side was a great sword, razor sharp and ready, given to him by his Beloved Guru. It was said that when wielded by a True Swordsman, this blade could cut through all the paradoxes and illusions of the universe.

Reaching the top, the warrior gazed out over the sea, heart full of emotion for what he was about to do. It was clear and windy. Waves swelled powerfully before crashing on the shore below.

On his right arm rested a strong and beautiful white bird. Her face was hooded while they walked together. He had found her hurt, and had cared for her in the manner of a man. Surprisingly to him, he soon grew to love her and to value her presence in his life. They came to understand each other deeply and communicated more by resonation than speech, for they were of different species: this man and the winged one.

After some moments on the hilltop, he lifted her hood. She startled and he felt again her strength as she grasped his arm more firmly with her talons. She gazed at him with clear blue eyes, unblinking, direct, perceiving him completely.

"It is not my wish, but you can go" he resonated.

"I know, but why do I feel I must?" she resonated in reply.

"Because your heart is unknown to you now, you cannot speak of love to me and mean it. The wind and the sky and the stars call to you. You must fly and be widened to God knows where."

"Could this be done if I remain with you, freely?"

"Perhaps, since Nothing is Written, but you must follow your Heart. If it tells you to stay, you can. If it tells you to go, you must. But know that I do not wish to bind you to me, although I desire you greatly. In my life I have felt much pain, and I have lived in wisdom too long for that."

"Then I must fly. Let me think with my body as it moves through the sky. I may return but I cannot say for now."

The beautiful white bird lifted in flight. Her magnificent wings carried her higher and higher until she appeared as only a speck against the clouds and sky.

At least this was all the warrior saw as he gazed lovingly up at her, but he sensed a dark presence somewhere and it troubled him, disturbing the flow of life force in his body mind. Yet, as he turned to descend from the hilltop, his mind was filled with thoughts of her, and his heart heavy with sorrow that she had gone. He was so vulnerable to her, and not as aware of all he usually was, and should have been.

The white bird flew effortlessly, gazing back to earth from time to time at her great friend, feeling the words he had spoken silently to her Heart. How strange to feel his love, so different he than she. Unnatural, some might say.

She felt him strongly and perceived the same disturbance as he. Was it something she had caused? She did not wish to bring him pain so easily and began to fly slowly towards him, thinking of the pleasure she always felt when resting on his arm.

Then she saw, or rather, felt. It chilled her very being. A great winged demon of Darkness was descending at great speed; black as night, silent as a wraith, oblivious to her, red eyes focused fiercely on the warrior below. She knew it was his death if he was not warned.

She plummeted towards the earth faster than she had ever dared. Knowing she could not reach him in time, she flew straight towards the dark one. There was no mind, no plan, only desperation and fierce intent.

But the demon swept her aside as easily as if she did not exist at all. She cried once, and fell towards earth, unconscious, never witnessing the warrior turn at the last moment, great sword flashing once in a sweeping arch that ended the demon's life of Darkness so swiftly, it did even know that death had come, for a time.

Her cry had warned him of the demon but when he whirled to face the danger, it was upon him so quickly he had time only to see the direction of her fall.

He found her later, took her in his arms and held her close. Then, with laying on of hands, he fed her life and energy with all his will and prayer. She lived.

She returned to consciousness and resonated to him "I thought you were lost to me forever. In that awful moment when I felt Darkness would destroy You, I knew I could not let that be."

And he to her "I thought the same of you, but we are here, alive, together. What shall we do?"

She answered not with words, but with her wings embraced him in a new and different way. They stayed together for a time, and she loved him in ways he

had never known before.

She came to know that she could fly in freedom and be his consort too. Her Heart was known and clear to her. It was true; Nothing is Written,

She flew often and she flew far, but the warrior felt the bond between them. He walked strong and he walked tall knowing she would return as long as this was meant to be. Beyond that, all was Mystery, unknown to mortal beings. And they rested in this mutual sacrifice of living and loving.

Thus ends the story. Was it ever? Could it be? Shall it continue? All remains to be seen.