When you think of the word "prosperous", what comes to mind? Is it having all the money you could ever want? Is it being financially independent and not ever having to work? Is it being able to do or have almost anything you want? Is it the ability to be a philanthropist who can fund all those things that you value and hold sacred in life? Is it "all of the above" for you?

I think the answer to this was well stated by a friend of mine who grew up in a very wealthy family in Northern California. His parents had many millions and all the material things anyone could want. BUT, as he said to me they were neither prosperous nor happy.

His definition of prosperity was the ability to RECEIVE, SUSTAIN and RELEASE energy in the form of money.

Some people cannot RECEIVE. No matter how hard they seem to work (or pray), obtaining sufficient money seems to elude them. And they often have subconscious beliefs which prevent them from receiving (such as low sense of self, not feeling worthy to receive, money is evil, etc)

Other people can receive quite well but they cannot SUSTAIN. These people have money or make money easily but they spend it right away sometimes even spending before they get the money with credit cards and other forms of "buy now pay later" modern madness. They cannot contain their impulses to get what they want NOW, and they constantly create liabilities instead of building assets which can grow over time, and sustain them more fully as life goes on

Then there are those who can receive and sustain very well, but they cannot or will not RELEASE. You see these people everywhere they have the big bucks, the cars, the houses, all the goodies, and for some even the free time to enjoy them all. But something critical is still missing from their lives.

These people either hoard their money, or spend it almost entirely on themselves. They have never learned to practice the principle of generosity the releasing of money to help others in significant ways. Usually, these people are very cautious and fearful about their money doing everything they can to get more and hold onto what they have. They are definitely not happy. My wealthy young friend said that this latter case describes his parents to a T, and he wanted nothing to do with such a way of life.

So if one understands that money is a form of energy - a tool which:

  • Allows one to reach his or her highest potential
  • Gives one the resources to nurture and support themselves and their loved ones
  • Makes it possible to support that which one values and hold sacred

Then "being prosperous" is an exercise of this understanding. One can exist in "prosperity consciousness" in which there is no assumption of scarcity. Instead, there is genuine conviction of "plenty" for everyone, and that each individual has inherent potential to generate substantial income if they really choose to do so.

Such a one knows to build assets for the future, and can, when necessary,  discipline immediate desires for fulfillment in the moment. They also exercise
the principle of generosity regularly, knowing that energy is dynamic and must
be circulated. Giving to others generously, magically allows one to receive more. It never seems to fail. Try it you'll like it.

Spiritually speaking, money is an area of life that gives people great difficulty, and often gets little attention in many religious traditions. However, most individuals have assumed limitations and unconscious beliefs about money which affects their capacity for spiritual practice, and life altogether rather dramatically .

When one is willing to enter into real "consideration" about such matters, significant positive changes can occur in their life altogether.

If after reading this essay, you wish to understand more about yourself and "being prosperous"  please see my offer to assist in the section of this website entitled
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                                                                     "Han" (aka Bob Bishop)