At present, I am very fortunate to have a job that allows me to travel extensively in my favorite parts of the world – Asia, Europe & Latin America. Recently I came across a Spanish saying that I liked very much:
         "Salud, dinero y amor, y tiempo para disfrutarlos todos"
This is a blessing, which translates to:
         "Health, Wealth and Love – and the Time to enjoy them all"
How many of us can honestly say we have received this blessing in our lives?

About 10 years ago I began to experience a very difficult period in my life where I certainly had love, but neither health, nor time, nor financial well being to enjoy it.
I was constantly struggling to earn a living, and my health suffered greatly. As a result of the severe money crunch. I ended up losing my marriage and the love that I had.

Fortunately, everything has changed. I am now financially successful with an excellent job, good HEALTH, and a very full life. Although I am chronologically older with each passing year, I am a very healthy specimen - far more youthful in bodily vitality and physical condition than my actual age.

So what is my secret? No secret really – healthy living – yoga and other forms
of exercise on a regular basis, good diet, and supplementation. What I really want to tell you about is supplementation. Most of the food available in the USA today lacks essential vitamins and minerals as a result of poor agricultural and processing practices, Because of this, I firmly believe supplementation is essential to one's health. This is especially true as one gets older, and has less capacity to tolerate dietary deficiencies.

A good friend of mine, Kathy Coffey, who was also having some difficult times financially several years ago, became a very successful distributor for an organization called the Amazon Herb Company, and I was happy for her. Kathy persuaded me to try some of their products and to meet "Amazon John" Easterling, the man who founded the company.

After taking some of the herbs for a while, I began noticing increased vitality and balance in my whole body-mind. So, I had a health practitioner evaluate the products I was using. I have consulted with her for years to evaluate my supplementation needs with vitamins and minerals (which, like diet, seems to be a very personalized consideration. what works for one may not for another).  She was extremely impressed with the energetic response my body had to the herbs, and to the fact that most of the vitamins and minerals I was taking previously no longer seemed necessary. Since then, she has
seen similar results with others using these same remarkable herbal products.
Then I met John and heard his amazing story of encountering native tribal peoples 
in the rain forest area of Peru; being healed of life-threatening illness, and going on
to study Amazon botanicals in depth, then starting Amazon Herb Company for the benefit of all. I was quite impressed with this man and his story. I decided then to invest some time and money in the company, and not just be an enthusiastic user of the herbs.

Why do I like this company so much? Well, the products are just excellent. The herbs are harvested in the rainforests of South America - places with some of the most powerful life energy on the planet. Then they are processed in a unique, organic way that preserves their essential life force. Using these products works to support indigenous tribal peoples, and protects important parts of the Amazon rain forest from being destroyed. Supporting all of this really works for me.

So, I'd like to send you more information if you are interested. I sincerely hope you will check these products out for yourself.

There is one other matter I want to mention – and that is MONEY. Recently I read a
book by Robert Kiyosaki called "Rich Dad / Poor Dad – What the Rich Teach their Children about Money that the Poor and Middle Class Don't". This book really changed my view about money. It talks about the wisdom of using the money you have (or you earn) to build assets that generate residual income (which keeps on coming in, even when you aren't working). I realized my parents never taught me anything about this subject, and consequently I wasn't teaching my kids about this either. I have now changed all that.

As you probably know, there are many ways of generating residual income through investments of time and money (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc) but one of the best and quickest is – guess what? – network marketing! In fact. Kiyosaki is so positive about this method of building residual income for most people, that he wrote another book called "Business School: For People Who Like Helping Other People". In this book, he discusses the eight hidden values of network marketing business other than making money. One of the most important values he stresses is that a good company can provide life-changing education mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Of course, like anything else – you have to learn how to do it, the products have to be good, and the potential longevity of the company has to be there. Believe me, the Amazon Herb Company has it all – know-how and training, excellent quality, and great  potential. If you're like most of the people I know:

Please, REALLY consider what I have said here, and learn more for yourself – I promise that you'll be very glad you did.

Remember the saying I started this letter with? Well, I probably can't do anything about your love– you have to find that yourself – but I can do something for your health and financial well-being. That's for sure.

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